Dentistry Delray Beach

Dental veneers are very thin layers of porcelain that are applied directly onto your teeth and don't come off.

We can tell you whether we can save a tooth with a crown or whether it needs to be pulled.

We can see the results of your x-rays right away and the results we get from the digital films are much more accurate.

People get a first impression of you and will sometimes rate you by the color of your smile.

You can have a tooth shaped to look just like your others when you get a dental crown made by our dental office.

Proper dental care and oral hygiene every day at home will help you keep your original teeth as long as possible.

We are a dental office you can trust to use only that latest cleanliness techniques when you're in our office.

Some people won't get a cavity filled because they're simply afraid to go to the dentist.

Be sure you have a bright white smile if you want to make a good impression with other people.

Don't let the foods you eat sit in your mouth without brushing or you may end up with stains on your teeth.

Not having to wear permanent metal braces and be embarrassed is a good opportunity for you to straighten your teeth.

If a bad experience with the dentist as a child is keeping you away from the dentist as an adult, call our office for an appointment to talk to our dentist.

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If you have a fear of the dentist, make an appointment to come and talk to us so you can ask all the questions you want. Filling a gap in between your teeth can be done in several different ways, depending on what our dentist thinks is best.

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Anyone who is a heavy tea drinker can help keep the tannins from staining their teeth if they simply use a straw.

03/05/17 11:49:16 PM

When you want to even out the color of all your teeth, ask about having veneers applied. If your family has bad eating habits and bad teeth, it's time for those bad habits to stop with you so you can keep your natural teeth.

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